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Tempotest« Awnings

The awnings made with Tempotest« fabrics are capable of managing the solar energy with the objective of increasing comfort and improving visual wellbeing, contributing to greater energy savings.

Each fabric from the collection contains a series of technical specifications indicating the solar and light performances because each fabric reacts differently to the sun’s rays depending on the color, structure and material used.

These specifications are important for assessing the effectiveness and protective quality of a sun-protection fabric, and that’s why all the fabrics are subjected to a test to determine the coefficient of transmission to the sun’s rays, in accordance with the UNI EN 410 standards.

The high protection performances achieved by the Tempotest« fabrics allow reducing temperatures and glare, thus guaranteeing good thermal comfort with reduced brightness.

There are over 400 different patterns in Tempotest« Awnings series, Para asia understand the interest and culture of Asia, selected Asia series for customer to select. Please click here or pattern book in the above to find your favorite color.


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