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Tempotest« Marine

The Tempotest« Marine collection is a line of fabrics for marine applications. They have the same acrylic-fiber base as the fabrics used for the awnings, but are treated, constructed and finished differently. They come in a wide variety of striped or solid-color fabrics.

The main characteristics of the fabrics from the Tempotest« Marine collection are their repellence to water and normal mineral and vegetable oils. These basic characteristics are combined with design qualities such as resistance to longitudinal and transversal stress as well as diagonal stress which make the fabrics elastic and adaptable to many different uses.

Some fabrics of the Tempotest« Marine range are waterproof such to guarantee resistance to the pressure of a water column of up to 1 meter, while all the fabrics are water-repellent, but breathable, which consequently prevents the formation of condensation leading to mildew.

Depends on the fabric function, there are 5 different selecion of Tempotest« Marine. For your convenince, please contact Para asia for the detials.


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